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What is a personal chef?

As a personal chef, Hallie specializes in preparing customized meals for clients based on their preferences and dietary needs. A personal chef is just that—personal. Hallie works closely with her clients to develop menus that are uniquely tailored to their lifestyles.

Hallie's personal chef service includes menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and packaging/labeling.

Who needs a personal chef?

A personal chef is ideal for those who do not have the time, desire, or ability to cook. Busy working professionals, those newly diagnosed with food allergies, people recovering from an injury, new or expectant moms, seniors, and busy families can all benefit from a personal chef.

Drawing from nearly a decade of experience working in the natural health, wellness, and culinary world, Hallie designs meals that are equal parts flavorful and nourishing, saving her clients the time and stress that can often accompany meal time.

How it works

When you work with Hallie, her goal is to make the experience as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible. Before your first cook date, you will meet with her to discuss preferences, dietary restrictions, health goals, and allergies/sensitivities so that every meal is tailored to your liking and needs. On your designated cook day, she will prepare and deliver healthy, delicious meals for you.

Cook days typically occur once per week (although other frequencies can be discussed), after which you will be left with a fridge and/or freezer full of healthy meals ready and waiting to be eaten on your schedule. You will know exactly where your food comes from and rest assured that it has been made with care.


Prices vary depending upon several factors (number of meals prepared, frequency of service, etc.). Hallie is happy to work with you to create a quantity and frequency structure that meets your needs. She will provide you with a customized quote when you contact her.

Frequently Asked Questions

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