Frequently Asked Questions


Logistically, how does a personal chef service work?

Hallie will send you a menu idea prior to your cook date. You will look it over, request any changes (if desired), and send your approval to her. Menus will be sent to you every 2 weeks, so you'll only be doing the approval process every other week.

The date and time of your cook day will stay the same each week. Hallie will shop for ingredients for your menu, prepare your meals, and deliver them to you packaged, labeled, and ready for eat! She’ll also provide you with reheating instructions if applicable.

What if i have food restrictions/allergies?

No problem! Hallie has extensive experience constructing menus and preparing meals tailored to specific diets. No matter how you eat (gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo, vegan, low-carb, etc.), Hallie can work with you.

What about picky eaters?

Hallie has a wide variety of recipes in her arsenal that appeal to picky palates. Many clients have become vegetable lovers after eating Hallie's meals. She can also prepare recipes that you supply, if desired. For instance, if your kids love their Grandma's casserole recipe and you'd like to add that to the menu every now and then, Hallie is happy to prepare it.

Do you offer personal chef services for private events?

Yes, depending on the event. Contact Hallie with what you have in mind and she'll let you know if it might work.