Culinary Coaching


What is a culinary coach?

As a culinary coach, Hallie partners with her clients to equip them with the skills necessary to prepare wholesome, well-balanced meals for themselves and their loved ones. Coaching sessions are like personal training for culinary fitness. Hallie coaches clients through hands-on sessions how to plan for and prepare meals and desserts that are delicious, time-efficient, and health-supportive. Clients often remark that sessions with Hallie are equal parts educational and relational, leaving them nourished both in body and spirit.

Who needs a culinary coach?

Culinary coaching is ideal for those hungry to learn the life-enhancing skill of preparing healthy and delicious food. Both beginners in the kitchen and those who have been cooking for years have benefited from Hallie's coaching. Whether you're navigating the world of food allergies/sensitivities, working toward a specific health goal, or just feeling "blah" in your kitchen life, culinary coaching is designed to uplift, inspire, equip, and educate so that you gain confidence and expand your culinary creativity in the kitchen.

How does it work?

Coaching sessions take place in the comfort of your home kitchen. Prior to your session(s) Hallie will work with you to create a game plan of what you'd like to cover and learn, tailoring everything to your needs. Her goal is to help you reach your goals. She'll let you know what ingredients to have on hand for each session (or, for a small fee, she can do the shopping for you if you'd rather skip a trip to the store). If you don't have much cooking equipment, no worries. Hallie has a complete supply of kitchenware that she'll bring along.


Rates include session planning, digital and printed copies of all recipes/guides used, and hands-on instruction.

  • The Single Session
    1 (2-hour) cooking session: $150
    Completely customized to your needs, Hallie will work with you to fill your 2-hour session with whatever you want to cover. Whether you want to learn to bake a beautiful gluten-free cake, batch cook a few freezer meals for your family, make salads that sing with flavor, or something else, Hallie will design a session that meets your objective.

  • The Culinary Essentials
    Package of 3 (2 hour) cooking sessions: $420
    Over the course of 3 lessons you'll prepare a variety of dishes that equip you with essential skills that lay the foundation for culinary success. You'll learn or improve upon: knife skills, preparation methods (steaming, roasting, sauteing, searing, stir-frying, broiling, baking, etc.), the formula for building well-balanced meals, and how to make vegetables taste good, in addition to anything specific that you request to learn.

  • Beyond the Basics
    Package of 6 (2 hour) cooking sessions: $780
    Over the course of 6 lessons you'll cover everything in The Culinary Essentials package plus take a deeper dive into baking, homemade condiments and spice blends, dressings and sauces, and menu planning. You'll learn more about flavor pairings and constructing recipes from scratch, giving you the opportunity to grow more confident in your culinary creative expression.

  • Culinary Mastery
    Package of 9 (2 hour) cooking sessions: $1,080
    Over the course of 9 lessons, you'll learn everything in The Culinary Essentials and Beyond Basics packages. Then you'll take a more in-depth exploration of some delightful "extras" to add to your culinary repertoire. You'll learn to make homemade ice cream, showstopping main dishes perfect for entertaining, dairy-free milk, raw desserts, beautiful broths and soups, and more. You'll complete Culinary Mastery with an arsenal of recipes and skills that instill you with confidence and supply you with life-changing knowledge of how to cook and eat for vibrant health.


Ready to change your cooking life?

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