Hallie Klecker
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Hallie is a personal chef and culinary coach offering customized meal preparation and food coaching to individuals and families in Madison, Wisconsin.


Health begins in the Kitchen.

As a personal chef and culinary coach, hallie helps others thrive in their pursuit of health and wellness by offering practical solutions to the "what's for dinner?" question.


Personal Chef Service

Imagine walking into your kitchen at the end of a long day and finding beautiful, nourishing meals waiting for you in your fridge and freezer. With a personal chef, this is your reality. Hallie works closely with her clients to provide meals that align well with their dietary preferences/needs and support their health goals while removing the stress that's often associated with meal prep.


Culinary Coaching

Hallie offers in-home kitchen cooking sessions to help clients master essential cooking techniques, navigate the wide world of eating for wellness, and embrace a simple but effective approach to meal prep. Just like a personal trainer gets you physically fit in the gym, Hallie helps you improve your culinary fitness in the kitchen. Learning to cook well and healthfully is a life skill that will reward you for years to come.



Hallie is a dynamic, knowledgeable speaker who is passionate about inspiring and educating others to live their most nourished lives. She speaks on topics ranging from the practical steps of eating well on a restricted diet, to overcoming anxiety and insecurity, to living an abundant life regardless of limitations, to cultivating a life that's both physically and spiritually nourishing.